Sunday, 14 September 2008


Woohoo Thanks Raq for giving me this.
I now have to award this to 7 more blogs.
So here it goes.
Serina !
I have to give Serina it first as she started me on all this
Misspigwa has some amazing kits on her site, I dare you to check it out !
Some wonderful designs on there .. you got to go look
Farrahs Creations
Most of us know Farrahs work by now .. It really is superb
Scraps by Mere
I found this blog the other day and there are some excellent tutorials and scraps on there,
well worth a trip
Sophisticated Scraps
Again most people know Lisas work, she has had some rough times with people being totally selfish but she still makes amazing kits and still offers lots of freebies which is so generous of her.
& finally
She has now hit the 25 tutorial mark on her blog which in the short time she has had her blog is outstanding.
Check them out theres some wicked tutorials there.